Sora-Luna SaKiORiの変わりゆくものと たしかなもの





生まれ変わっていく SaKiORi。



Many of old kimonos, the traditional Japanese clothing ,with fond memories of their family, have been kept in the corner of a closet.


This weaving technique (SaKiORi) has brought those old kimonos back to life again in a totally new and unique form.






 微妙な色の変化を出すために 一色づつ丁寧に染めていく。


1.The kimonos are taken apart piece by piece and immersed in each colour, one by one, in order to express the subtle change of the colour.


 細くカットした布を手作業でつなぎ 長い横糸をつくる。


2. The strips of kimono are stitched together by hands and a long weft is made.


 一段づつ織り重ねていくことで 一枚のテキスタイルに仕上がる。


3. The former kimono is woven into a new cloth.


 織りあがった一枚の布をキャンバスに 風景を描いていく。



 平面から 立体へ。眠っていた着物たちはあたらしい製品となる。


4. Embroidering the scenery on the weaved cloth.





5. The handles are made of domestic cowskin and Yezo deer(domestic deer of Hokkaido) leather.

They are hand stitched and will have a good texture by age.





6. The plain surface become three-dimentional object by sawing.

The embroidered images.